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buy beef jerky from Scotch beef

Beef Jerky

Made from whole pieces of prime grass-fed Scotch beef and available in six great flavours Original, Cracked Black Pepper, Hot Chilli, Smoky, Mustard, Curry.

We buy in whole topsides from our local abbatoir, from which we slice pieces of beef for our jerky. Adding nothing. We then marinade these pieces slowly (in a marinade we developed ourselves) and dry the pieces in our dryer (we didn't make the dryer!). Read more..

Venison jerky from wild Highland Venison

Venison Jerky

Venison is a very lean meat with a high protein value. Naturally reared, all our venison comes from the estates of the Highlands of Scotland. We treat it with respect and gently marinate, then air dry it, ready for you to release the flavour. Available in four flavours:

  • Original
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Hot Chilli
  • Smoky
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Tasty Toasts from wholemeal rye

Tasty Toasts

Known in Russia as 'sukariki', these air dried bread sticks or squares are similar to croutons. But these are made from rye bread. So they're an excellent extra bit of help for your digestive system. As we use wholemeal rye flour to make these, they contain lots of roughage,which is good for your digestive system. But more importantly, they taste great and go great with a drink. We've started with three flavours, but are adding to this constanctly. Check back to see. Currently available in: 'moroccan' to 'mild madras curry' or 'spicy chilli garlic'. Read more..

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