What is Jerky?
It's a low fat healthy snack that you eat straight from the pack.
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I heard it's good for diets?
Our jerky is made from very low fat beef and venison. All beef and venison are low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Protein has been found to 'suppress' the hunger, ...
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Help and Legal

Beef Jerky and Venison Jerky from the Highlands of Scotland

Produced from prime Scotch Beef and wild Highland Venison
Delivered directly to you!

You could almost say the West was opened up partly as a result of Jerky!

Long Lasting

Because it was dried (usually in the sun) - it stayed good to eat while the old trekkers roved around the old Wild West. Today's Jerky is no longer left out in the sun for three days, but is still just as delicious to eat as you carry out your own wild leisure pursuits.

We no longer dry it in the sun, but use an air dryer to remove the moisture.

Why is it called Jerky?

Mary Bell - a well known writer on Jerky - believes it came from the word 'Charqui' (pronounced 'shar-kee') in Mexican Spanish. But there are other possibilities. The Carribean people use a piquant sauce called 'jerk'. Could this be linked? Although it may be a strange word, it's the product you're really interested in, isn't it?

The Process

Of course, the process of curing meat is not new and is carried out worldwide as a means to preserve it for the times it was not available. It's likely the curing of beef under the heat of the sun was copied from either the Native American people or was taken into North America from Mexico where they had (and still have) a method of drying beef into what they call 'Cecina'.

Take some on your own treks!

Whether your passion is hill-walking, skiing, cycling, mountainbiking, fishing or watching television, take some jerky along and you've always got something tasty and nutritious to chew on.