We get our beef from JM Munros, Dingwall - a long established butcher and abbatoir - in Dingwall's (Ross-shire - North Scotland) West End.Munros deliver directly us (around 28 miles away) - and only deal in 'grass fed' beef. Scotch beef.

So what is Scotch beef?

Our beef is all prime Scotch beef. Not just Scottish, but prime 'Scotch'.

So what's the difference?

'Scotch' beef must have lived its whole life in Scotland. To ensure this is the case, each animal is ear tagged shortly after birth. This ear tag/passport number is used to 'track' it through its life.

This means that, although 'farmed', the animals are free to roam around the pastures of Northern Scotland and graze on what's beneath their feet(hooves). A natural bovine life.

Beef with the designation 'Scottish' must have been 'finished' in Scotland. 'Finished' means 'lived its last weeks of life'.

Which cut of beef is used?

We only use topside, whole topsides. This is a primal cut of meat approximately 10-15KG that comes from the rear part of the animal - the leaner end and there are only two topsides per animal. If you would like more information on the conditions farmers must adhere to within this scheme, read this about the Quality Meat Scotland Farm Assured Scheme for Cattle and Sheep, here.