Jerky is a low fat, low in carbohydrate, high protein tasty snack that you eat straight from the pack.

We produce beef jerky in six flavours and venison jerky in four, all produced in the Highlands of Scotland, using 100% pure Scottish grass fed cattle and wild deer reared on Highland estates.

We slice our beef jerky pieces straight from whole pieces of lean topside and venison jerky from grade A venison, we marinade it, then air dry it in our factory in Nairn in the Scottish Highlands.

Once dried, we vacuum pack our jerky (which keeps it good for up to one year), ready for you to enjoy. But don't wait a year to try it! Get stuck in! That way we hope you'll come back and order more!


As we slice our beef jerky and venison jerky more thinly than many, the taste of the meat through quicker and it's easier to chew.

Because we use the best ingredients, we believe we produce the best beef jerky and venison jerky available. But that's for you to decide. Pack some jerky in your bag and take it with you walking, cycling, golfing, mountainbiking, climbing or skiing and you'll always have a protein boost to hand.

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