Message to our customers! re - Google intercepts this link

Yes. We've had a great run up to Christmas 2010! NOT! We got hacked! We have now fixed the problem. But in case you did see these strange messages when trying to access our site...

Here's how it unfolded

First, I got an email from Google on Monday night. Well, was it from Google? Who really knows these days? And would Google really email me?
It said something about 'malware' being on my site and so they were no longer going to display links to it.

Frankly. I thought it was a joke. Another spam email, of which I get plenty. So I ignored it!
Then Tuesday afternoon, I remembered about the email. Looked up this site in Google and WOW! All these red lines of text. WARNING WARNING WARNING! Red Alert! What's going on, I thought?

So I began to investigate. I had no idea what Google's 'interstitial' page meant. Something about links to two websites. Well I'd never heard of either of the sites listed, so it coulnd't be that. Could it?
Then, I read something like - this may not mean that there is malware on my site, but that my site might be pointing people or have links with sites that may have malware on them. Again, I thought. How could that be?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I contacted my webhost - Eukhost - who very quickly identified that someone had 'injected' some code into files on my site, transreferring people to these other sites. So it seems someone has been busy. Busy stealing the password to my site. Busy making changes to my files. So they could redirect people to two other sites which may indeed contain actual malware - as I understand. Although the spurious code was only there for a couple of days, its effects could be felt by us for weeks.

Since then, I've discovered the problem (or another problem) really existed on my 'blog', which was powered by Wordpress. I was a bit 'lax' in writing stuff on this blog, and perhaps as a result had not noticed that Wordpress had been updated and that I needed to update it also. Trouble is so had someone else!
So, easiest thing I thought to do was to DELETE the wordpress folder completely. So that's what I've done. Around 24 hours later, Google have 'let me back in'. Thanks Google.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


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